What Are Louvers and What Are Their Benefits?

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A louver is a passive system that can reduce cooling costs by directing fresh air in and stale air out of a building. It is an extremely useful ventilation mechanism that can be designed to fit into any home, commercial structure or industrial construction.

Arcadia Contractors can design louvers that will complement the overall look of a building and match any style or architecture. They can also provide a number of different features and accessories that will make louvers more versatile for specific applications.

In addition to being able to let in cool breezes in the summer and keep warm air out in the winter, they can help control light and sound as well.

Louvers are used in buildings for a variety of reasons but they’re commonly positioned on roofs or windows to allow for maximum natural ventilation and protection from rain. They are a key element of any HVAC system and are very important in keeping a building cool.

Many people don’t think much of louvers as an attractive or stylish part of a structure, but they can be designed to be both functional and beautiful.

Some are curved and can be made out of wood or metal while others have a sleek, modern design that can add an architectural element to any structure. They can be custom shaped to fit into any opening and there are a variety of colors and finishes to choose from

Typically, louvers are slanted in order to facilitate air flow and create an even breeze. The slanted angle also helps to prevent rain from entering the opening when it’s raining outside. There are a variety of different types of louvers available and the choice will depend on what type of ventilation is needed.

For instance, some louvers are designed to be used as an air intake for machinery or HVAC systems and have a more strict AMCA rating to ensure they’re properly sized and machines stay at desirable temperatures. Other louvers are used as a form of air conditioning and require additional calculations to determine how much cooling is needed and how efficiently the louvers can do their job.

Louvers are fabricated in a variety of materials, with copper providing the best combination of functionality and beauty. It’s an environmentally friendly material that provides good resistance to rust and corrosion. It’s also long-lasting and ages better than other types of metal, so it’ll stand the test of time and will enhance the appearance of any home or business.

There are a wide range of performance types for louvers, including drainable, non-drainable, wind-driven rain resistant, combination, thin-line, and acoustically rated. Some louvers are also tested as cyclone rated and can be used in cyclonic regions.

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